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Code Complete Essentials – 2017

This online seminar is led by Steve McConnell, the coding guru who wrote the best-selling Code Complete. In this intense Code Complete OnDemand seminar you will learn dozens of proven tips, techniques, and principles to produce clean, industrial strength code.


Scrum Boot Camp – 2017

Learn everything you need to ensure your transition to Scrum is successful. In the years since the Agile Manifesto, Scrum has emerged as the most popular Agile process for managing software development projects. This course will teach you what you need to become certified in Scrum.


Developer Testing Boot Camp – 2017

See how to plan and carry out an efficient and effective developer testing strategy. Avoid common testing pitfalls, and learn to determine how much developer testing is enough.


Product Owner Boot Camp – 2017

This Scrum Product Owner eLearning course drills down into the detailed information needed to successfully plan releases, reflect stakeholder priorities, ensure the team builds the right product, and communicate with project stakeholders.


Software Estimation In Depth – 2017

Learn many useful rules of thumb and procedures for creating software estimates (“the art of estimation”) and briefly introduces mathematical approaches to creating software project estimates (“the science of estimation”).


Web API Design and REST in 28 Days

Learn the ins-and-outs of web API design and REST services in just 28 days. This course will provide guidance on how to create programmable web API’s using the best practices available. We’ve made it easy to master API design in under 30 minutes a day.


Agile Developer Boot Camp – 2017

Learn to work effectively in a team using any of the leading Agile development approaches in order to deliver high-quality, valuable, working software frequently while accommodating changing requirements.


Agile Requirements In Depth – 2017

This course dives into techniques for developing requirements on Agile projects, including the Agile Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), story mapping to define project scope, writing user stories, sizing stories (agile estimation), and developing acceptance criteria for user stories.


Software Economics Boot Camp

This course teaches you the essential concepts and techniques that will help you make technical decisions that positively impact the all-important bottom line.


Requirements Boot Camp – 2017

What is the most frequently reported cause of software project failure–regardless of project size or type of software? Requirements challenges.Discover how leading-edge companies use requirements engineering to support successful software projects.


Software Project Manager Boot Camp – 2017

This seminar will help you make the transition to solid software project leadership, including how to play a valuable role in Agile projects. This course will teach you the concepts and techniques necessary to manage software projects successfully.


10x Software Engineering – 2017

Discover the 8 Key Principles of 10x Software Development and how the most effective teams utilize them. Learn and apply critical techniques that will turn your team into a high performing, 10x Team.


Total Project Quality – 2017

Learn how to define end-to-end project quality in terms that support project goals, with a focus customizing practices to the needs of individual projects. You will learn how to achieve quality throughout the project lifecycle — including numerous alternatives to end-of-project testing.


Design Patterns – 2017

This seminar introduces and explains design patterns in a clear way that’s easy to understand. You will learn specific design patterns to improve your designs, practice applying design patterns to design problems and see how design patterns can improve your design process overall.


Risk Management in Depth – 2017

Learn how to identify, address, and eliminate sources of risk before they grow into major problems. This course focuses on intermediate and advanced strategies and practical techniques to manage general risks and control your project’s specific risks.


Understanding Software Projects

Learn from software development guru Steve McConnell in a series of lectures on understanding software projects. McConnell explains The Four Factors Lifecycle Model and how understanding that model means understanding virtually every significant aspect of software project dynamics.


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