About Construx

Construx was founded over 20 years ago by Steve McConnell, the author who brought us Code Complete.

We provide software organizations with expertise and know-how from time spent in the trenches on successful and not so successful projects around the world.

Bottom line: we know how the best software teams in the world work and let you in on all those secrets.

“If everybody practiced what Construx teaches, the software profession would be MUCH better off.”
Ken Pirtle, Mastercard

Meet the team

Steve McConnell

Founder / CEO

Steve, author of Code Complete and many other software classics, curates all content for the OnDemand library.

Mark Nygren

Chief Operating Officer

Mark cracks the whip (or yells in the megaphone) for OnDemand projects.

Devon Musgrave

Product Owner

Devon chews through material to make sure it is palatable and fine-tunes quality and precision.

Scott Melanson

Sr. Instructional Designer

Scott has a laser focus on core concepts and ensuring student retention of what they learn.

Cody Madison

Video Producer

Cody brings ideas to life from the lens of the camera.

Jesse Bronson

Marketing Manager

Jesse gets the message out on OnDemand, and puts his selfie in every email.


Construx is headquartered in Bellevue, WA.

10900 NE 8th Street
Suite 1350
Bellevue, WA 98033

Empowering these software teams