About Construx

Construx was by Steve McConnell, the author who brought us Code Complete.

We provide software organizations with expertise and know-how from time spent in the trenches on successful and not so successful projects around the world.

Bottom line: we know how the best software teams in the world work and let you in on all those secrets.

“If everybody practiced what Construx teaches, the software profession would be MUCH better off.”
Ken Pirtle, Mastercard

Meet the instructors

Steve McConnell
Steve McConnellCEO/Author of Code Complete
Earl Beede
Earl BeedeConstrux Senior Fellow
Jenny Stuart
Jenny StuartConstrux VP of Consulting
Melvin Perez
Melvin PerezConstrux Senior Fellow
John Clifford
John CliffordConstrux Senior Fellow
Bob Webber
Bob WebberConstrux Senior Fellow
Steve Tockey
Steve TockeyConstrux Principal Consultant
Eric Rimbey
Eric RimbeyProduct Manager

Meet the team

Steve McConnell
Steve McConnellCEO/Author of Code Complete
Mark Nygren
Mark NygrenCOO
Devon Musgrave
Devon MusgraveProject Manager
Melissa Feroe
Melissa FeroeDirector of Client Solutions
Jesse Bronson
Jesse BronsonDigital Marketing Manager
Cody Madison
Cody MadisonVideo Producer


Construx is headquartered in Bellevue, WA.

10900 NE 8th Street
Suite 1300
Bellevue, WA 98033

Empowering these software teams