We are always updating our Construx OnDemand training, and I’m happy to announce a new course: Scrum Overview. Scrum enables software development teams to address complex adaptive problems, and in this course you’ll learn Scrum’s elements—its roles, events, and artifacts—as well as their purpose: how they’re all bound together to make Scrum hum. In short, you’ll learn what’s different about Scrum and what makes it so effective.

With the myriad Scrum courses available today, why would you take a course called Scrum Overview? If you’re a nontechnical stakeholder, such as an executive or sales and marketing staff or even a product owner, you might find value in getting an introduction to Scrum without diving into all the details, and the context that’s set in this course can very valuable. Even if you are a practitioner and you expect to get into the in’s and out’s of Scrum on a daily basis, it can useful to start with the context of Scrum so that you understand its full scope before diving into all those implementation details. Either way this can be a valuable introduction and overview of Scrum.

Your instructor

Your instructor in this course is Jenny Stuart. Jenny has been Vice President of Consulting at Construx for more than 10 years, and in that role she has overseen Construx’s work in implementing Scrum, and implementing Agile practices more generally, in organizations throughout North America and around the world. Jenny has worked effectively with individual contributors on Scrum teams, with Scrum Masters, and with executives who are supporting Scrum at the organizational level, and she has learned numerous lessons about how to support Scrum effectively by working at all those different levels. You’re in good hands with Jenny as the leader of this course.

Here’s the top-level outline for the course

  • Here’s the top-level outline for the course:
  • Introduction
  • The Scrum Framework
  • Scrum Roles
  • Requirements in Scrum
  • Agile Estimation
  • Plan a Sprint
  • Execute a Sprint
  • Wrap Up a Sprint
  • Adoption Pitfalls
  • Conclusion

More courses

If you want to go deeper with Scrum, follow this course with Construx OnDemand’s Scrum Boot Camp, which will teach you what you need to know to become certified in Scrum.

If you’re a Scrum Product Owner or want to become one, Product Owner Boot Camp drills down into the details you need to successfully plan releases, reflect stakeholder priorities, ensure the team builds the right product, and communicate with project stakeholders.

For more on developing requirements in Agile scenarios such as Scrum, see Agile Requirements Boot Camp, which teaches you how to use story mapping to define project scope, write user stories, size stories (agile estimation), and develop acceptance criteria for user stories.

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