Which OnDemand Courses Earn PDU’s?

Many of Construx’s OnDemand courses can earn you PDU credits. These courses can be purchased individually or you can opt for an All Access Pass, which gives you one year of access to all our OnDemand courses, including all those that give you PDU credits! Check out the PDU courses we offer below.

10x Software Development – 4 PDU’s

How do you maximize team productivity? Decades of research have found at least a ten-fold—“10x”—difference in productivity and quality between the best teams and the worst. Fully updated in a second edition, this course describes the Eight Key Principles that effective software development teams follow to achieve 10x software development. The course also includes multiple example tactics aligned to each principle that your team can use to improve its practices.

Agile Requirements in Depth – 5 PDU’s

Agile development shifts traditional requirements work to a “just in time” approach. How does this affect good requirements practices? This course explains Agile approaches to traditional requirements sources including MRDs, PRDs, feature lists, and user scenarios. It dives into techniques for developing requirements on Agile projects, including the Agile Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), using story mapping to define the scope of the project, writing user stories, sizing stories (agile estimation), and developing acceptance criteria for user stories.

Risk Management in Depth – 4 PDU’s

If you don’t attack project risks, they will attack you! Learn intermediate and advanced strategies you can use on both general and project-specific risks. Discover how to identify, address, and eliminate sources of risk before they grow into major problems. This course focuses on intermediate and advanced strategies you can use to manage general risks and details practical techniques you can use to control your project’s specific risks.

Scrum Boot Camp – 13 PDU’s

This online Scrum training provides everything you need to know to ensure your transition to Scrum is successful and to become certified in Scrum.

In the years since the Agile Manifesto, Scrum has emerged as the most popular Agile process for managing software development projects. As more companies are switching to Scrum, however, many are still struggling.

Construx’s highly rated Scrum training guides you through the detailed ins and outs that you need to succeed with Scrum. This course combines key aspects from Scrum Master and Scrum Product Owner training plus specific best practices based upon the instructor’s direct experience on Scrum transitions and extensive lessons learned from Construx’s consulting engagements.

Product Owner Boot Camp – 5 PDU’s

The Product Owner role is arguably the most important role in Scrum — and the most challenging. The Product Owner is part project manager, part product manager, and part customer advocate. This person must ensure the customer’s wants and needs are understood while ensuring that the team delivers the greatest-value features as quickly as possible — all while responding to ever-changing requirements. Ultimately, the Product Owner owns a Scrum project’s success or failure.

Software Estimation In Depth – 9 PDU’s

This course provides many useful rules of thumb and procedures for creating software estimates (“the art of estimation”) and briefly introduces mathematical approaches to creating software project estimates (“the science of estimation”). This course features extensive lab work to give you hands-on experience creating many different kinds of software estimates–for large, medium, and small projects as well as calibrating estimates to be accurate for your specific development environment. You will learn techniques for making sure estimation is treated as an analytical rather than a political process, and you will explore how to negotiate effectively with other project stakeholders (such as marketing, management and your clients) so that everyone wins. This seminar is based on the best-selling book, Software Estimation: Demystifying the Black Art, by Steve McConnell.

Total Project Quality – 5 PDU’s

A project’s approach to quality ultimately determines its quality–and also its cost, schedule, and functionality. Learn how to define end-to-end project quality in terms that support project goals, with a focus customizing practices to the needs of individual projects. You will learn how to achieve quality throughout the project lifecycle — including numerous alternatives to end-of-project testing.

Requirements Boot Camp – 7 PDU’s

What is the most frequently reported cause of software project failure–regardless of project size or type of software? Requirements challenges. Discover how leading-edge companies use requirements engineering to support successful software projects. Learn the three purposes of requirements and how to distinguish between requirements fantasies and requirements reality. Practice practical techniques for exploring user needs, capturing requirements, controlling changes, and building highly satisfactory software.

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