Meet your instructors

The Construx OnDemand instructors consist of Steve McConnell’s hand picked experts.

Teaching isn’t just a part-time hobby for the Construx staff, it is a full-time obsession. Our instructors travel the world to teach top tech firms the secrets of world-class software organizations.

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The OnDemand instructors

Steve McConnell
Steve McConnellConstrux CEO
Earl Beede
Earl BeedeConstrux Senior Fellow
Jenny Stuart
Jenny StuartConstrux VP of Consulting
Melvin Perez
Melvin PerezConstrux Senior Fellow
John Clifford
John CliffordConstrux Senior Fellow
Bob Webber
Bob WebberConstrux Senior Fellow
Steve Tockey
Steve TockeyConstrux Principal Consultant
Eric Rimbey
Eric RimbeyProduct Manager
Rob Daigneau
Rob DaigneauDirector of Architecture