Jenny Stuart
Jenny Stuart

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Jenny Stuart, PSM, SPC, CSDP, is the Vice President of Consulting at Construx Software, where she gives clients the benefit of her 20 years experience in software testing, process improvement, quality assurance, and Agile techniques. Her expertise in incorporating best practices and Agile software development practices has helped a wide variety of companies make dramatic improvements in their software development and quality assurance processes.

Jenny has worked with Construx clients since 2004 to evaluate and adopt Agile development approaches, including Scrum. She is an expert in quality practices, such as developing quality and test plans, and has a deep knowledge of software testing, process improvement, and quality assurance techniques. Jenny is the author of numerous white papers describing software best practices and detailing how Construx has helped our clients to improve their development processes and practices.

Jenny has a BSEE from the University of Washington, is a Professional Scrum Master (PSM) and SAFe Program Consultant (SPC). She is a member of the Computer Society of the IEEE, the Association for Computing Machinery, the American Society for Quality, and the Quality Assurance Institute. She earned the highest score in the United States on QAI’s Certified Software Test Engineer (CSTE) exam and holds a CSDP certification.

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 4.8 / 5

Jenny’s courses

Scrum Overview

An intentionally-minimal project management framework, Scrum works in a diverse set of software development domains and industries, enabling teams to address complex adaptive problems while delivering products of the highest possible value. In this overview course you’ll learn about all of the Scrum framework’s elements—its roles, events, and artifacts—as well as their purpose: how they’re all bound together to make Scrum hum.

Duration: 3h 12m

Agile Release Planning

As teams become competent in the nuts and bolts of Scrum, they still need to answer questions like “What am I going to get?” and “When am I going to get it?” This course describes a lightweight seven-step process for doing effective—and appropriate—Agile planning at the release and project levels.

Duration: 2h 57m

Kanban Overview

Learn how to set up a Kanban system and use Kanban metrics to significantly improve your development system’s flow and throughput.

Duration: 2.5-3.5 hours

Product Envisioning Overview

Learn how to clearly align your team’s effort with your stakeholders’ desired business outcomes.

Duration: 1.5-2.0 hours

More about Jenny

  • Cooking – Jenny owns more than 100 cookbooks and enjoys cuisines ranging from French to Mexican to Vietnamese
  • Hiking – When in town (and Pacific Northwest weather permitting) Jenny can be found in the mountains in places like the Cascade Pass trail
  • Travel – While Jenny travels the globe on business, she also travels for fun. In the last year, she’s been found in Vietnam, New Orleans, and at the Calgary Stampede
  • Photography – Jenny enjoys photographing landscapes, food, and people (especially while traveling to interesting places)
  • Reading – Jenny is fond of fiction, especially sci-fi/fantasy novels or anything with a strong heroine figure

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