Agile Practices for Developers

With Melvin Perez-Cedano

Learn to thrive as a team using leading Agile development approaches—including Test-Driven Development (TDD), simple design, and refactoring—to deliver high-quality, valuable, working, and timely software while accommodating changing requirements.

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Continue to master the proven engineering and organizational practices that help software developers work effectively in an Agile team. Providing deep coverage of leading Agile development approaches, this course teaches you how to deliver high-quality, valuable, working software frequently while accommodating changing requirements.

Divided into supporting practices for Agile development and detailed coding practices, the course covers Agile roles and responsibilities for the development team, working from a product backlog and refining it, implementing a test automation strategy, automating acceptance tests and unit tests, coding standards, simple design, TDD, code coverage, key design principles and patterns, refactoring, and more.

In addition to its deep dives into coding practices, including testing and design, this class teaches you the attributes and responsibilities of high-performing software development teams.


After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Apply individual and team productivity practices to get the right work done
  • Work effectively on an Agile development team
  • Work from and refine a product backlog
  • Automate tests and develop code using Test-Driven Development
  • Write clean code and improve code quality continuously via refactoring

Who Is This Course For?

This is a detailed course for developers who use Agile methodologies. It emphasizes coding, testing, and design, and it also describes the required attributes, responsibilities, and organizational methods of great Agile development teams.

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Resources: Course Workbook, ACTIVITY Worksheets
Duration: 12h 28m

Your instructor
Melvin Perez-Cedano
Construx Senior Fellow


Getting Started
Supporting Practices

Work as an Agile Development Team
Get the Work and the Right Things Done
Work From and Refine a Product Backlog
Implement a Test Automation Strategy
Coding Practices: Testing and Design
Automate Acceptance Tests
Automate Unit Tests
Write Clean Code
Keep the Design Simple
Grow Code with Tests
Ensure Code Coverage

Coding Practices: Refactoring to Patterns


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