Web API Design and REST in 28 Days

With Rob Daigneau

Learn the ins-and-outs of web API design and REST services in just 28 days. This course will provide guidance on how to create programmable web API’s using the best practices available. We’ve made it easy to master API design in under 30 minutes a day.

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You can learn web API design and REST in under 30 minutes per day. The REST architectural style defines a set of principles and constraints that promote system scalability, loose coupling, reduced latency, security, and the encapsulation of legacy systems.

While REST is relatively easy to understand, it does not provide any guidance on how to create programmable “Web APIs”. This course will help attendees acquire a thorough understanding of how to design RESTful Web APIs that support CRUD, transactional scenarios, workflow, and even complex systems integration.


After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Design a Web API that is able to evolve gracefully as business requirements change
  • Implement the logic behind the APi
  • Expose aspects of legacy applications through Web APIs
  • Design APIs that promote superior performance, scalability, and security
  • Create a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) through Web APIs

Who Is This Course For?

Developers, Technical Leads, Technical Architects, Technical Management.

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Your instructor
Rob Daigneau
Director of Architecture


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Course Overview & Fundamentals – DAY 1 (17:00)
Review of HTTP – DAY 2 (25:00)
Introduction to REST – DAY 3 (15:00)
Web Service API Styles – DAY 4 (22:00)
REST Recap – DAY 5 (26:00)
Resource APIs and Service Contracts – DAY 6 (30:00)
APIs for CRUD – Part 1 – DAY 7 (22:00)
APIs for CRUD – Part 2 – DAY 8 (30:00)
LAB: Design a Partial API – DAY 9 (28:00)
Client/Service Interaction Patterns – DAY 10 (22:00)
Behind the Web API – DAY 11 (27:00)
Implementation Patters – DAY 12 (32:00)
Request and Response Mappers – DAY 13 (34:00)
Advanced Web API Design – Part 1 – DAY 14 (25:00)
Advanced Web API Design – Part 2 – DAY 15 (25:00)
Transaction Management – DAY 16 (17:00)
Service Composition – DAY 17 (28:00)
Web API Evolution – DAY 18 (32:00)
Patterns That Promote Ease of Evolution – DAY 19 (18:00)
Patterns That Promote Ease of Evoltuion – Part 2 – DAY 20 (30:00)
Patterns That Promote Ease of Evoltuion – DAY 21 (30:00)
Web API Versioning & Governance – DAY 22 (15:00)
Patterns for Web API Versioning – DAY 23 (27:00)
Web Service Infrastructure Patterns – DAY 24 (29:00)
SOA Infrastructures – DAY 25 (19:00)
Service Performance, Scalability & Availability – DAY 26 (32:00)
Security Considerations – Day 27 (32:00)
Course Conclusion – DAY 28 (17:00)

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